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Ten Daily Habits to Explode Your Practice

Dr Shawn Powers Looks at ways of increasing business to a Dr or Dentist's Practice with these 10 tips

by: Dr. Shawn Powers


1) Strengthen who you are by nourishing your mind and spirit. Pray, meditate, and or visualize each day for at least 10 minutes.

2) Make your dreams a reality by planning. State your intentions, write read, and say out loud your goals and your purpose before office hours start.

3) Improve your stats by leading and focusing your team. Acknowledge them, connect with them, and focus them on the day's priorities/goals/purpose before office hours (shift) starts.

4) Have a focus or a theme each day. Transform your patients and increase your referrals by teaching them, or asking them to tell you, something about the science, art, or philosophy of chiropractic.

5) Be fulfilled financially, emotionally, and spiritually by taking massive daily action toward your goals and purpose by scheduling your priorities, and having a plan with specific action steps.

6) Contribute to your well being by working out each day.

7) Improve your energy and endurance by nourishing your body with high quality food. Know what works best for you and follow it.

8) Double your productivity by reading and studying at least 10-30 minutes daily. Master the fundamentals of practice as a first priority. Be willing to grow and challenge yourself.

9) Be the master of your state and a master state inducer. Controlling your internal environment creates your external environment. Use whatever it takes, cue cards, gratitude lists, books, tapes, music, motion. Know your anchors and use them.

10) Expect the best. Be the bestů this is your life not a dress rehearsal.


About The Author

Dr. Shawn Powers has been a practicing chiropractor for over 16 years. To get her FREE Special Report, "Time Tested Secrets To Attract MORE New Patients And Convert Them Into Lifetime Care!" visit http://www.powersourcecoaching.com.


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